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Our Organization


WKMO – USA / PUKO is a proud member of WKMO World Karate Martial Arts Organization. The WKMO, an International Federation was established with the aim of bringing together, with equal dignity, all the organizations that recognize the values of inclusiveness want to be part of a larger and more united family.

This new and big project requires a structured organization that will be made up of various world and continental commissions that will interface with the national federation.

WKMO – USA / PUKO is focused on the development of United States athletes to compete at various World Cups, Continental and World Championship, high level technical seminars, and international referee courses and certifications.

We proudly welcome you to share your experience, leadership and support to a world mission of incluciveness of martial artist around the world.

WKMO-USA / PUKO is the official representative of the WKMO and will conduct itself in full compliance with WKMO in full respect of the principles enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) adopted by the United Nations General Assembly, a foundation of international human rights law. The UDHR will be the guideline of WKMO-USA, WKMO Central American, WKMO South American and WKMO Caribbean (also known as WKMO PUKO) our mission is to apply universal education and high level technical needs that will address the needs of all human beings with the respect and protection of all involved.

Executive Commission

WKMO is the home for devotees of all the martial arts, who put the moral values of their discipline
above the rules of an extreme business, this organization represents a unique opportunity to
participate in the history of the true martial arts and karate, beyond any personal profit.

Adrian Ellis, President

Tom Kelly, Secretary General

Next Steps…

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